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If you want to make sure that your employees are engaging properly, then you need to make sure that you’re doing things right. Some leaders and companies worry that employees aren’t engaging with the company and that they’re starting to become distant. This can lead to performance issues, and sometimes it even causes companies to lose good people to other companies. Keep reading to learn what you can do as a leader to help improve employee engagement.

Try to Lead by Example

Leading by example allows you to engage with employees and make them feel more comfortable. Those who follow the rules and lead by example have an easier time ingratiating themselves with employees. If your people feel as though you’re one of them and not just some leader who is separate from the pack, then you’ll be able to get them to engage with you. Improving employee engagement in company activities will come when you make leading by example a priority.

Be as Transparent as Possible

Trying to be as transparent as possible is smart because no one wants to feel as though they’re being left in the dark. When employees know what is going on, it’s easier for them to feel that they’re part of the company. Treating your people as though they deserve to know what is happening in the company will make them more loyal over time. They’ll be more likely to feel a sense of belonging at your company, and it makes sense to try to be as transparent as the situation allows you to be.

Listen to Your People

Listening to your people is another thing that can help you to get them to engage with you. Leaders who know when to listen to others will have an easier time solving problems. Your employees might have concerns that they would like to bring up, but a leader who only barks orders would wind up missing out on hearing about them. Know that communication is a two-way street and that it is sometimes prudent to just listen to your people.

Try to Be Humble

Humility is something that all good leaders should possess, and no one likes to interact with someone who is pompous. If you want your employees to engage with you and the company, then you should know that being humble will make it easier for others to relate to you. Don’t let your position of power make you feel as though you’re above others. Treat people with respect, whether they’re entry-level workers or high-tier employees.