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Suresh Thimiri


About Suresh Thimiri

Suresh Thimiri has a diverse portfolio of knowledge that enables him to not only communicate with people in a variety of industries but also to propel him forward on his continuous quest for knowledge. 

When he first entered the working world, Suresh Thimiri came from humble beginnings, personally serving local walk-in customers. Before long, Suresh climbed up to the role of Regional Senior Executive where he not only worked with local customers but also worldwide. His regional training experiences also opened up a world of travel opportunities. This is where Suresh Thimiri fell in love with food and cultures from near and far, as well as acquiring a love of nature photography. 

Over the years, Suresh Thimiri has learned how to bridge the gap between cultures to organize international trade deals. He is not only fascinated by foreign people and traditions but he is also highly respectful of the way business is handled from region to region.

Suresh is a proud member of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), an agency that is responsible for the regulation of Indian enterprises in the Industrial and Services sector. 

Throughout his impressive career, he has had extensive experience as a Director for several corporations. His history includes managing Fortune Innovative Services and QA Courier and Logistic, Ltd. Both of these companies are involved in the telecommunications industry, primarily radio and television programs. In addition, Suresh was the director of Quantum Neways Tradelinks, Ltd. which was involved in the retail industry, and Transview Enterprise India, Ltd. which was involved in the wholesale industry. He learned about the right and wrong ways to treat customers during this time, always focusing on the importance of high-quality service.

Suresh Thimiri also worked as the director of Vinetree IT Solutions, Ltd. This company was a  divergence from his retail and wholesale experience, focusing more on software production, documentation, web design, consultancy, and supply. They also created operating systems, games, and other applications for all computer platforms. Suresh learned first-hand how the consultants analyzed users’ needs and problems and then strived to provide optimum solutions in the form of customized, proprietary software. 

In addition to all of his technical knowledge, Suresh Thimiri is also an expert at talking to people of all areas, from clients to executives. He prides himself on being extremely approachable, and both employees and peers know him to be open to all suggestions, ideas, and feedback. In addition, he values the importance of motivation and mentoring to inspire future generations. Because of his strong belief in communication, he is a very skillful mediator and is good at de-escalating issues.

As the managing director of various organizations, Suresh Thimiri has always made sure that customer support is a top priority. He proves this time and again by tailoring his support centers to accommodate individual customers’ needs. He has been instrumental in developing hi-tech multilingual contact centers around the world.